Reconditioned Hot Tubs

We recognize the importance of providing hot tubs at reasonable prices to those who may not want or be able to afford a brand new hot tub.  All of our hot tubs have had a thorough 17 point operation and circulation inspection, run strong, heat to proper temperatures and have no leaks.  The hot tubs have been cleaned and sanitized, both inside and out.   Synthetic siding has been treated with a preservative for long lasting life. We offer a 1 to 3 year parts and labor warranty on all hot tubs and swim spas we sell, whether reconditioned or consignment.

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Moving & Craning

When it comes to moving a specialty item such as a hot tub or swim spa, we spare no expense. Our 2-4 man crews have the best equipment the highest level of experience in the industry. Whether securing your hot tub to a spa cart, fork-lifting  or hooking your swim spa up to a crane, we do it all. Our staff contact will work directly with you to determine the terrain and the best access route before beginning your move, ensuring the utmost care is taken to protect your hot tub or swim spa as well as your home and landscape.

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Contact us early in your project so we can help you decide the best location and installation options for placement within your property, and ultimately moving your new hot tub or swim spa to your home, placing it as discussed and preparing it for its first use per recommended manufacturers specifications. We will explain to you what is needed for wiring your hot tub; however, we are not licensed electricians and can not do any wiring for you.   Only the property owner or a licensed electrical contractor can do the electrical installation required for a hot tub. We will also discuss options with you for regular hot tub maintenance to ensure optimum life for your investment.


Consignment Program

In addition to selling reconditioned hot tubs we also sell top quality, pre-owned hot tubs on consignment.  If you have a hot tub you need to sell contact us and we will assist you in determining the fair market value of your hot tub and sell it for you at our shop in Oregon City, which is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm.   This eliminates the need to have strangers on your property, deal with low-ball offers, and wasted time.
We also include a 1 to 3 year parts and labor warranty on all of the consignment hot tubs we sell, giving the purchaser peace of mind when buying a used hot tub.



We have a wide variety of custom hot tub maintenance plans available to assist you in protecting your investment, while ensuring optimum, healthy levels of water quality and matching maintenance frequency to bather load levels.


Maintenance & Repair

Our talented, experienced repair and reconditioning technicians have knowledge of and exposure to all hot tub brands. They will thoroughly, quickly and safely diagnose and repair your hot tub in the field per the industry specification just as they do in our shop on a daily basis when reconditioning hot tubs.  Our $90 diagnose fee includes the 1st hour of labor if your repair can be completed the same day.


Recycling & Disposal

Pacific Hot Tub Solutions is an environmentally friendly company which is willing to assist our customers with old hot tub disposal and recycling.  The hot tub will be dismantled and recycled or disposed of accordingly. The price for removing your hot tub is dependent on the condition of your hot tub and the terrain of the removal. In some cases, if your hot tub is 10 years or newer and/or  still runs with no blisters or cracks we will remove your hot tub for free.



Oregon City – Serving Portland Metro Area

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By Fred Meyers, right behind the Jiffy Lube

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Serving Oregon and SW Washington

What Our Customers Say About Us

I had Pacific Hot Tub Solutions pick up my 16 year old Hot Tub from my backyard. Mark Ivan & Jeff were very polite and professional. As they say on the PGA advertisements “These Guys are Good.”

Don B.Hot Tub Recycling

From the first phone call to paying for their service the customer service was A+ The gentlemen who came to my home to dismantle, haul away and recycle my old hot tub were prompt, professional and polite. These guys know what they are doing!! Thank you so much for a job well done!!

Cherie A.Hot Tub Removal

Great job guys! Scott and his crews moved 3 hot tubs in under 3 hours! Impressive work performance! I will recommend to anyone I know needs professional hot tub movers!

Sam T.Hot Tub Moving

I had a disgusting old hot tub wasting away on my back porch. I had no idea how I was gonna get rid of it for under $500 until I called PHTS. They were by far the best price of all the places I called, including individuals advertising junk removal on Craigslist. They were friendly and very honest about pricing and scheduled the removal right away. Mark and Jeff came out in the pouring rain braving my very muddy driveway; they unhooked the spa and took it off my deck with hardly a hitch. They were in and out in an hour. I would definitely recommend Pacific Hot Tub Solutions to anyone needing a tricky hot tub removed.

Sahara G.Hot Tub Removal

I had a very positive experience with Pacific Hot Tub Solutions. Scott was very helpful and informative when I was shopping for hot tubs. So I was able to make a good decision on which hot tub to purchase. I purchased a great hot tub at a fair price. Their service has been excellent. It has been easy to work with them. PHTS delivery folks were very nice and helpful. They delivered the hot tub right to my deck without any problem. Thank you for a great experience!

Debbie B.Hot Tub Purchase